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Collection: Zambon Vulcano Ultra-Bio Wines

Welcome to the captivating world of Zambon Vulcano wines, where nature's essence intertwines with masterful winemaking, resulting in a collection that transcends tradition. Zambon Vulcno’s commitment to low intervention, natural winemaking is exemplified in every bottle, showcasing the terroir-driven beauty of the Garganega and Durella grape varieties.

Garganega Totale stands as a testament to the purity of expression found in 100% Garganega. Carefully nurtured in steel and concrete tanks, this wine matures into a symphony of flavours, reflecting the true character of the grape. With minimal intervention, the Garganega grape shines, creating a wine that embodies the essence of terroir.

Basalt Queens, a kindred spirit to Garganega Totale, is a blend of Garganega and Durella grapes, both known for their affinity to the volcanic soil. This low intervention gem embraces the harmonious dance between these varietals, resulting in a wine that is very expressive. The volcanic influence imparts a unique minerality, creating a truly distinctive experience for the palate.

For lovers of classic Italian whites, our Soave DOC offers a delightful journey. Crafted with a meticulous touch, this wine reflects the heritage and authenticity of the Soave region. Immerse yourself in the subtle nuances of fruit and floral notes, a true representation of the land from which it originates.

Dive deeper into the collection, and you'll encounter the artistry of our traditional method Durello. Aged for an impressive 36 months on the lees, this sparkling beauty marries tradition with innovation. The extended lees aging adds layers of complexity, resulting in a sparkling wine that captivates with its depth and finesse.

At the Zambon Vulcano winery, commitment to crafting low intervention, natural wine goes beyond the bottle. It's a celebration of the land, the grape, and the hands that carefully guide the winemaking process. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of natural wines, our collection invites you to savour the pure, unadulterated beauty of Italian winemaking.