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Angelina Restaurant: Italian-Japanese Cuisine Delight in London

Prominently positioned on London's Dalston Lane, Angelina fine dining cuisine beckons as a culinary oasis. As this highly regarded restaurant marks its 5th anniversary, it's not merely a milestone; it's a celebration of a remarkable journey infused with passion, creativity, and unwavering dedication to crafting an unforgettable dining experience.

Angelina's unique fusion offerings owes its inception to Chef Josh Owens and his close friend turned entrepreneur, Amar Takhar. Their shared love for both Italian and Japanese cuisines and cultures ignited the vision behind this unique establishment.

Chef Josh's lived in Italy for some of his formative years and was exposed to Italian culture. His culinary expertise, grew through experiences at renowned London eateries like the River Café and Bocca di Lupo and culminated in the creation of Angelina. Here, in Dalston, he has forged a casual fine-dining experience that seamlessly blends Italian and Japanese influences, resulting in a symphony of flavours that leaves diners captivated.

A defining feature at Angelina, is the  meticulous approach to sourcing quality ingredients to guarantee quality and authenticity. From the exquisite Tuscan Capezzana olive oil from Tuscany to traditional Arso wheat grain from Puglia, each element is carefully chosen to enrich the gourmet adventure. Daily deliveries of fresh fish include prized Hamachi from Asia that is served with Japanese delicacies such as Tobieko caviar and Dashi custard. Each combination surprisingly tantalising and unique to the restaurant's offerings.

The menu at Angelina is a celebration of seasonal abundance. Dishes evolve or are replaced every five weeks to showcase the freshest ingredients. Guests should expect to embark on a food tasting odyssey with a set ten-course experience of innovation and style.




Some amazing dishes served include Tagliolini with Tuna & Mentaiko, Hamachi Saltimbocca, square Fazzoletti in creamy cheese sauce served with egg yolk and furikake seasoning. Bookings are made online and just like the best theatre performances, seats (tables) are snatched up quickly weeks in advance of available performances.

Behind the scenes, Chef Josh leads a passionate team, including Head Chef Usman Haider and Sous Chef Khanh Tran -Thanh, who share his commitment to excellence. Joshes mother (an architect) also plays a prominent part in the venue having put her signature to the the décor of the restaurant.

Adding to the dining experience is Alessandro Angeleri, the Italian floor manager, a seasoned sommelier with a degree in Culinary Science. With experience garnered at Fortnum and Mason, Alessandro curates a wine list boasting hundreds of labels, showcasing Italy's rich viticultural heritage with focuss on prize-winning Italian grape varietals.

Boasting a stellar wine selection, Angelina proudly showcases its house signature sparkling wine: a traditional method Lessini Durello Riserva DOC (Pas-Dosè) by Fongaro Spumanti. Imported exclusively to the UK by the Bubbly Bandits Ltd., Angelina is now the proud presenter of this high-end Durello, bottled with their very own bespoke label. A testament to their unwavering faith in this exceptional product.




“Every bottle of Durello is meticulously tested before being served, ensuring that each sip embodies our commitment to quality and excellence. The feedback has been amazing. Durello serves as a great conversation opener, and the pairings it typically accompanies (such as in-house sourdough focaccia with Yuzu Kosho marinated tomatoes and Robiola cheese) never fail to intrigue and satisfy fine dining enthusiasts, even among returning customers. We are changing the World", Alessandro tells me with a chuckle.

As Angelina Itameshi celebrates its anniversary, it stands out as a successful beacon of culinary innovation and excellence in London's vibrant food scene. With its dedication to creativity, quality, and authenticity, it also stands out resoundingly for employing staff that includes no less than nineteen different nationalities each with its own culture and approach to preparing food. Amongst the younger members of the team are Luc Van Kaam (chef), Priya Verdi-Reynolds (chef) and Sam Collier (chef).




Angelina invites diners on a gastronomic journey that transcends borders. A celebration of the fusion between Italian passion and Japanese precision with influences from all over the world that yields graceful and soul-capturing results. Book your table there now!

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Durello Viola & Verde by Fongaro