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Collection: Pét Nat

Explore the charm of pét nat wines from Veneto, Italy. In our curated growing collection, discover the tradition of ancestral winemaking methods. These wines, crafted in selected boutique vineyards offer a genuine connection to the roots of winemaking.

The pét nat winemaking process, is a nod to history, distinguishing itself from other prominent sparkling wine methods (Charmat and Traditional method spumante). Imagine a hands-off, rustic approach that harks back to an era when winemakers relied on the pure goodness of grapes and the natural rhythm of seasons. It's not just about crafting wine; it's a journey into authenticity.  

As you uncork these pét nat bottles, be prepared to unveil robust notes of yeast and citrus, creating a symphony of sensations. The gentle fizz, coupled with harmonious acidity and savory nuances, transforms each sip into a zesty experience, almost like spicey lemonade!

Unfiltered and cloudy these pét nat is the closest a glass of bubbly can get to low intervention natural wines with strict biological farming practices.

Whether sipped on a chilled summer's night or paired with a barbecue among friends, pét nat transcends occasions, embodying the essence of versatile enjoyment.

Witness the surging popularity of Durello pét nat from Tonello and newcomers from Lake Garda.

Each bottle encapsulates not just the craftsmanship of pét nat excellence but also the evolving narrative of tradition and contemporary allure. Immerse yourself in the world of ancestral method pét nat wines, where every pour is a celebration of heritage and a testament to the timeless art of winemaking.