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Collection: Durello

 A handful of boutique producers and limited terroir make Durello shine in the world of sparkling wine: an exquisite gem in a sea of imitations and mass-produced glass.

Meet Durella, an obscure grape varietal exclusive to valleys between Verona and Vicenza. It thrives on volcanic soil in the Lessini range at the foot of the Alps, boasting tough skin, high acidity, and a fondness for elevated terrains. Durella gains global acclaim for yielding outstanding sparkling wine: Durello DOC !

Experience outstanding Durello through the Charmat method and refreshing Durello based pét nats. However, it's the Traditional method that earned Durello the recognition of a supreme, indigenous single varietal sparkling wine: a true rarity!

Gianni Tessari, Fongaro, Dal Maso, Zambon Vulcano and others, with rich histories dating back over a century, stand among the acclaimed Italian wine producers of Durello.

These traditional method Durello spumantes can age well beyond 5 years on the lees, rivaling French cuvées from Reims in complexity, balance, and texture. Numerous accolades from national and international organizations, including Tre Bicchieri and Decanter, testify to Durello's growing prominence.

Now available in the UK through Bubbly Bandits, Durello is capturing hearts with its outstanding bubbly gorgeousness. Venues are embracing it as a prime alternative to established sparkling brands, and the phenomenon is growing.

Don’t miss out; savour the sparkling sensation that is Durello, and let its unique brilliance enhance your exceptional moments. Order NOW and elevate your palate with this exceptional Italian sparkling wine. Durello embodies a centuries-old legacy, a journey from the vineyards of Verona and Vicenza to your glass, bringing forth the true essence of Italian winemaking craftsmanship.